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Make one day trip from Rishikesh to Dehradun, or just stay in Dehradun for one night. In general, Dehradun is very dirty, noisy, and not too interesting city. However, something is nice to see there. And, it’s Mindrolling Buddhist monastery in Clement town. There is the largest stupa, peaceful land of monks, and beauty of Dehradun. Also, FRI = Forest Research Institute is worth seeing. The institute contains six museums with forest topics, and one of it is with the oldest tree. Beside these two main attractions, Dehradun offers to see Palka bazaar, Sikh gurdwara, and rush of the capital city of Uttarakhand. From Dehradun, we continued our hill stations trip to the next destination call Mussoorie.


Rishikesh Juice Tour

What we really liked about Rishikesh, it were options of vegan food, fresh juices, and produce. If for any reason you need to clean your body, there are many juice makers in India. Our favorite is fresh made sugarcane juice with a pinch of black salt. The black salt has interesting smell. So don’t be surprised by the smell, because it tastes amazing. Benefits of fresh juices are an inexpensive liquid food, high in the nutrition, detoxing, and refreshing. In the video, you can also see the hotel where we slept for only Rps 500/night. The place is clean with hot water and wifi.