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Sour Krème

In the grocery stores sit on shelfs many products with name sour cream on the label. How to know which is the best? We believe that the best things are made at home from whole food ingredients. Therefore, the article talks about homemade raw vegan sour krème, simplicity of recipe, and use. First, this recipe contains no dairy, soy, gluten, or other artificial parts. But, it has flavor as the sour cream. Because we didn’t want to mimic dairy, we decided to call “Krème”. Here are advantages of raw sour krème such as healthier digestion, more nutrients, full of probiotics, and no animal cruelty.   Second, this recipe is very simple. For preparation, you need high speed blender and non-metallic bowl. We recommend glass bowl. Main ingredients are cashews. Always soak nuts for at least two hours, or over night in a refrigerator to prevent spoilage. Soaked nuts and seeds are easier to blend, make smoother texture, better for digestion and by soaking you wash off all the dust. Ingredients list for raw sour krème: …

Basic cashew cheese

Basic Cashew Cheese

Basic Cashew Cheese In the recipe, we concentrate on the characteristic of the fermentation, its health benefits and cheese making. First, the fermentation is a metabolic process, which converts sugars to acids. Also, it gives to food (in this recipe to cheese) desired flavor, and helps to preserve it for long time. Thanks to the fermentation, we can make own fermented nut cheeses or vegetables with many health values. Between the main benefits belong more bio degradable nutrition, good probiotics, enzymes, and minerals, which assist to digesting. Additionally, fermented nut cheese or vegetable serves to populate gut and intestines with Lactobacilli. They are very important for nutrient absorption. Not only the fermentation makes food good for you. The ingredients play valuable roles too. Therefore, we use cashew nuts instead of animal milk and others high nutrition components in the process. Mostly of nut cheese recipes work with very little liquid. Because this formula is more traditional, we prepared cashew milk first. Just blend soaked cashew and water in ratio 2:1. After the milk is done, …