Month: March 2016


Delhi Scam And Tourist Offices

  Did you read the story about our first three days in India? If you did, you probably understand the reasons to write one more article about the scam. This one is going to be specifically about fake tourism offices in New Delhi, and organized travel agencies. The article talks about you as the target, their businesses and how to avoid the scam. Let’s begin , you are a tourist in Delhi. It’s easy to recognize you. Especially, if you are there for the first time, you will look confused and lost. Trust me, it’s confusing and chaotic there. Typical situation. If you want to book a train ticket, normally you will go to the railway station to the ticket counter. Noooooooooo! It’s not that easy in Delhi. In front of the entrance to the station, a gentleman in the a shirt with a pen in his hand and confidently says:”show me your tickets, where is your ticket?”. Logical answer is “I’m going to the station to buy it”. However, here starts their game! You …