Month: November 2016


Bikaner – Rajasthan

Bikaner is a desert city with camel tours, and with National research centre on Camel. If you have balls to see the rat temple, make short trip to Deshnok. But, it smells horribly there. Bikaner’s treasure is Junagarh Fort, and its museum. Beautiful paintings and architecture. Otherwise, Bikaner doesn’t belong to the list of cities to visit, it’s quiet boring there. Unfortunately, also to find the budget hotel was painful. New train experience – day train doesn’t carry any food. (On overnight trains are people from the stations who are offering snacks)


Jodhpur – Rajasthan

Jodhpur – Adam liked this city most. Also known as Sun City, this is happy place. Jodhpur touched our hearts because of sellers who were mostly honest, beauty of the nature, and historical buildings. We spend three nights in Jodhpur. There is few very interesting places like Mehrangarh Fort, Umaid Bhawan Palace, Jaswant Thada Mausoleum, Ghanta Ghar Clock Tower, and Rao Jodha desert park. Shopping – On the square where The Clock Tower is, there is located large market. Definitely, buy some spice with girls from M.V. Spices shop. They operate seven location as seven daughters. One of the first women which running the business in India. Next to them, honest guy who sells clothes, pillows, shawl, and so in Blue Bohemian. Where to sleep? Visit few places around Ghanta Ghar. We found guesthouse for Rps 400. Where to eat? On the streets!!!!! Best masala dosa, kachori, samosa and lot more…delicious! For quite restaurant experience, we recommend Ravla restaurant. Also, it was very close to our guesthouse. And in Jodhpur, we tried lassi for first …



Most romantic city in Rajasthan. We felt like at some of European cities. Between interesting points of view belong City palace with access to the Crystal Gallery, Dharbar Hall, Clock Towers, city scene from the top, museum with dance show, and always life on the streets and markets. Where to sleep? Definitely we can say The Dream Heaven is good place to stay. They also operates roof top restaurant with tasty food. Where to eat/drink? Because Udaipur is tourist’s favorite stop, it’s easy to find place which fits to you. But, we loved Indian vegan dishes from Millets of Mewar (next to Dream Heaven). And then, masala dosa from place near to City palace. Also, the city offers plenty of coffee and juices. Cooking class at Millets of Mewar is awesome!



Two nights stop. Chittorghar’s treasure is just the fort. The fort is one of the largest in India, and it’s great one day easy walk trip. Not need a driver rickshaw for browsing the fort. Walk;) Where to Sleep? – not many options close to the bus station. Even though, we found pleasant hotel for Rps 500 near the main area. The hotel Heritage Amber. What to eat/Drink? In India, it can be easy to be healthy. Just drink lots of fresh juices and real coconut water (eat inside of it too). Stay close to the market for fresh food. Eat garlic and green chili peppers. Chittorgahr is famous for its fort. Also, it’s safe place, and not very touristy.


Bundi – Monika’s favorite place

Bundi – Monika’s favorite place Bundi is small town with very polite people. Three days/two nights are enough. What you can really enjoy as a tourist, there is large fort. And, the rooftop restaurants with wifi, great food, and view at the fort. Also, make one day walk tour at the temple on the hill across the lake. Enjoy this super friendly location, busy bazaar, and handcraft shops. Where to sleep? Absolutely, we will recommend Tom&Jerry rooftop place. Together with the guesthouse, they are in the same building. The guesthouse Heritage Haveli Govindam, room Rps 400 with hot water, warm bed, friendly stuff and laundry service Rps 15/piece of clothes. Where to eat? We always love to eat street food because each city has something different. So, let’s start with street food, then fresh juices to keep good health, and chill in rooftop restaurants or by the lake. Best Indian black coffee is in Bundi. Krishna’s chai. The guy makes only four drinks. They are full of flavor and very well balanced. They are famous. …



Pushkar is the Oldest City. Many legend talks about Lord Shiva tears which created famous holy pond in the city. There, we stayed just for two nights. Because the city is small, it’s easy to walk thru it in one day. For visit, it’s worthy to see Rajasthan nature from Saraswati temple. It may be half day tour. First day, we browsed the city. Second day evening, we enjoyed the lake. LAKE – Don’t take any flowers/leaves of flowers. If you take some, don’t put them to the lake. This little mistake will cost you lots of problems and money. It’s their scam. What happened to us? We took flower. Then, we’re directing by random people to the lake. Funny was that we said we need the ATM to one of them. And, next strange person told us where is ATM without asking, but first we had to visit the lake with flowers. No way! MONKEY – Around Saraswati temple, don’t open any cookies. Where to sleep? We believe, there is many traveler/budget options close …


Jaipur Rajasthan

Jaipur Pink City From Dehradun, we took long bus trip. Around 12hours overnight drive, we slept/not slept in flying bus. Why flying? Roads of India contain many defects. So, you in lie position literally fly with each jump. After arrival to Bus station, take rickshaw to Old (Pink) city for Rps 60. Bargain. Jaipur is the capital of Rajasthan state. Since morning till end of the visit, It was beautiful. The Pink City has easy explanation of why the pink. Many building, largely the historic places are cover in the pink paint. Definitely, you must see Hawa Mahal as a history, City Palace for its craft, and minaret for great view. First day, we spend only in the old city. And next morning, we went to Amber palace, hand printed museum, and the market with view at Jal Mahal. In Jaipur, you may need two days to see most of it. Where to eat? Streets of course. And beside it, if you want to eat at top roof restaurant, dinner at Sweet dreams (also it’s …


Mussoorie – Hill Station

Mussoorie is located 35km from Dehradun. It’s called “queen of Hill station”. It’s nice mountain getaway from crowded cities. We spent in Mussoorie more than we should. Why? Adam get sick, and so we extended to four nights. Are you asking how we cure the sickness? Because Adam had diarrhea, he lost water. So first, lie to the bed. Then lemon ginger tea…sleep…water&water…rice and vegetable with lots of garlic. The garlic is natural antibiotics. Two days of rest. Because it’s a small city, stay there just for one or two nights. Definitely visit cafe Honey Hut if you like coffee:) They got delicious snacks as well as wifi. Great place to warm up in cold months, and to work on the itinerary of the trip. Around Mussoorie are beautiful mountains. What you can do it’s enjoying the sunset at the top of Gun hill. Where to sleep? Hotel Brodway is recommended by the Lonely Planet, and we can confirm it. It’s clean, for reasonable prices, and very nice stuff. For sure, we can say that …