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Food In Rishikesh


Rishikesh is heaven for vegetarians. The city banned consumption of meat, eggs and alcohol. Therefore, we enjoyed life on a plate there.

Mostly of the time, we ate on streets, which present the best way of having delicious spicy Indian food. Between our favorites belong slices of coconut, fresh made juices, potatoes with seasoning, herbs, and green chili peppers, chapati, rice, and so much more. From the market, we fed ourselves with papayas, grapes, bananas, chiku, and more green chili and garlic as additional for dishes. By the way, we love garlic and spicy food. Also, garlic and spicy hot food protect your body from diseases.

Unfortunately, Rishikesh is very touristy. For this reason, “restaurants” in the city cook less spicy and less tasty food. However, for those of you who look for international food as pancakes, pizza, sandwich, or pasta…Rishikesh got it.

In the video, we picked few our favorite places.

In general, we had fun with monkey feeding, cow feeding,and Monika&Adam feeding. Veganism is fun, and specially in India. Did I mention that papaya tastes fantastic!!!
We love Indian food.

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