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Rishikesh Beauty of Nature


Rishikesh is located in footprints of Himalayas. Beauty of mountains are enriching by waterfalls, temples, Ganga river, and spiritual vibe.

Rent the bike for Rps 400 by Laxman Jhula (upper bridge) and make day trip to Kheragad Temple. Benefits of it, we saw country side of Rishikesh, get off of tourists, ride the scooter, touched the nature and had so much fun.

Another day trip…WATERFALLS…around Laxman Jhula is several waterfalls..small or tall ones…ask local people for advice but don’t need a guide;) We found it. So, you will find it easily too.
Nature in the surrounding of Rishikesh is wild with touch of Himalaya…Ganga in its beginning tides clearly from the mountains.

Happiness of people and freely walking cows filled our hearts with peace.

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