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Pushkar is the Oldest City. Many legend talks about Lord Shiva tears which created famous holy pond in the city. There, we stayed just for two nights. Because the city is small, it’s easy to walk thru it in one day. For visit, it’s worthy to see Rajasthan nature from Saraswati temple. It may be half day tour. First day, we browsed the city. Second day evening, we enjoyed the lake.

LAKE – Don’t take any flowers/leaves of flowers. If you take some, don’t put them to the lake. This little mistake will cost you lots of problems and money. It’s their scam. What happened to us? We took flower. Then, we’re directing by random people to the lake. Funny was that we said we need the ATM to one of them. And, next strange person told us where is ATM without asking, but first we had to visit the lake with flowers. No way!
MONKEY – Around Saraswati temple, don’t open any cookies.

Where to sleep? We believe, there is many traveler/budget options close to the market and roof top restaurants. Because we were caught by a guy on the bus station, we took his offer of nice/clean/quite hotel for Rps 400/night. Try your luck close to the market.



Where to eat? In India, we start to like the rooftop places. Usually, the food is okay. Mostly, they offer the international food such are pancakes, omelets, pizza, pasta, and noodles. Personally, we often ordered juices. Always delicious. And, the view is awesome.

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