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Bundi – Monika’s favorite place


Bundi – Monika’s favorite place

Bundi is small town with very polite people. Three days/two nights are enough. What you can really enjoy as a tourist, there is large fort. And, the rooftop restaurants with wifi, great food, and view at the fort. Also, make one day walk tour at the temple on the hill across the lake. Enjoy this super friendly location, busy bazaar, and handcraft shops.

Where to sleep? Absolutely, we will recommend Tom&Jerry rooftop place. Together with the guesthouse, they are in the same building. The guesthouse Heritage Haveli Govindam, room Rps 400 with hot water, warm bed, friendly stuff and laundry service Rps 15/piece of clothes.

Where to eat? We always love to eat street food because each city has something different. So, let’s start with street food, then fresh juices to keep good health, and chill in rooftop restaurants or by the lake.

Best Indian black coffee is in Bundi. Krishna’s chai. The guy makes only four drinks. They are full of flavor and very well balanced. They are famous. Be careful when you try special power tea, it has special power as an ingredient!:)
Be aware! Anything what contains a “special”, it can be strong for you. Be very careful when you will eat or drink special power things.

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