About Us

Hello Friends,

My name is Adam with my life partner Monika. We would like to introduce ourselves and the vision of the World. The World where everything is possible and love is powerful. Monika and I are best friends with love for each other for long time. In 2014, we proudly sealed our relationship up into happy marriage.

A year before wedding, I came home with an idea to stop eating dairy, eggs, sugar and flour. We were already not eating animals. Therefore, the thought to avoid more food habits was a challenge towards healthier body. We were raw vegans for first year. It was new great experience. Honestly, we missed some kinds of cook food as beans, quinoa or sautéed vegetable and mushrooms. So we followed our needs, and we found the lifestyle, which perfectly works for us. Plant based diet.

Let’s begin we’re here to share our adventures in eating out and at home. For instance, we will post our recipes and dishes from vegan friendly restaurants. Because we love food so much, we like to visit new places and cuisines in the World, and to do what we enjoy, traveling.

Already, we saw many places in Europe, such are France, Germany, Austria, England, Spain, Italy, Holland, Croatia, Slovak, and our home country Czech republic. We are exited to explore another continent, ASIA! You can go on our journey with us…join our blog and see what is going on in our lovely World.

On our blog, you find plant based and vegan recipes, nut cheese videos, traveling tips, ideas, shopping recommendations, and stunning pictures.

Love ❤️🌎🍴

Adam & Monika